LTCC设计规则(LTCC Design Rules)一——术语

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LTCC设计规则(LTCC Design Rules)一——术语
LTCC Terminology(术语)
Because of the shrinking of the LTCC tapes during the firing it is very necessary to observe various design rules. This part is based on a few design 
guides published from the following manufacturers / processors: 

DuPont: LTCC-Technology Design And Layout Guideline Green Tape System (EKP,12.8.1998);
CTS Microelectronics: Low-Temperature Cofired Ceramic Design And Layout Guidelines For The Fabrication Of Networks, Packages and Multichip Modules;
National Semiconductor: Design Rules For Physical Layout Of Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic Modules (Version_8.1);
Scrantom Engineering Inc.: Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic Design Guidelines (Rev. C);
Siegert electronic GmbH: Design Rules For LTCC (Rev. C);
Sorep-Erulec: General Design Guide For LTCC Substrates (8-jan-99).
All called numbers are average values and ranges and may vary from one to the other system; these rules depend on both material and process properties. 
This paper doesn't intend to describe all known design rules; it should only give an idea about the possibilities of LTCCs.

1 : Top Side External Conductor                  A : Via Cover Pad
2 : Cofired or Postfired Surface Resistor B : Via Diameter
3 : Buried Resistor C : Via Stagger
4 : Buried Via D : Via Spacing
5 : Buried Capacitor E : Via Pitch
6 : Stacked Vias F : Via Center To Part Edge
7 : Blind Via

A : Line Pitch
B : Line Spacing
C : Line Width
D : Conductor To Part Edge / Edge To Feature
E : Via To Conductor Line Spacing
F : Via Center To Part Edge
G : Line To Cavity Wall Spacing
H : Cavity Size
I : Cavity Wall To Part Edge Spacing

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