LTCC Abbreviations

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LTCC Abbreviations
ZST Zero Shrink Tape 
TOS Tape On Substrate
TFMSL Thin Film Microstrip Line
TFBGA Thin Film Ball Grid Array
TCE Thermal Coefficient Of Expansion
SRF Self-Resonant Frequency
SMT Surface Mount Technology
SLAM Single Layer Packages
SBB Stub-Bump-Bonding
S/B Side Brazed
RLC Resistor, Inductor & Capacitor
QFP Quad Flat Package
PWB Printed Wiring Board
PTF Polymer Thick Film
PQFP Plastic Quad Flat Pack(age)
PGA Pin Grid Array
PCL Photoprintable Conductor on LTCC
PCB Printed Circuit Board
MS Microstrip
MMS Micro Module System
MLTF Multilayer Thin Film
MLC Multilayer Ceramic (for LTCC and HTCC)
MIB Multilayer Interconnect Board
MCP Multi-Chip-Packages
MCOF Microwave Chip On Flex
MCM - L Laminated Printed Wiring Board (FR4, PCB, PTFE)
MCM - D Deposited Thinfilm
MCM - C Cofired Ceramic, thickfilm
MCM Multi-Chip-Modules
MCIC Multilayer Ceramic Integrated Circuit
LTFC Low Temperature Firing Ceramic (LTCC)
LTCC Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic
LIV Low inductance via
LGA Land Grid Array
k Dielectric Constant
IR Insulation Resistance
IPC Integrated Passive Components
IMAPS International Microelectronics And Packaging Society
HTCC High Temperature Cofired Ceramic
HDP High Density Package
HDI High Density Interconnect
GGI Gold To Gold Interconnect
FLDCC Fine Pitch Leaded Chip Carrier
FCOB Flip Chip On Board
FCB Flip Chip Bonding
FC Flip Chip
ESD Electrostatic Discharge
DMMA Duplex Metal-Metalloid Alloy
DIP Dual Inline Packaging
DFM Design for Manufacturability
DF Dissipation Factor
DCB Direct Copper Bond
CTTE Close To The Edge Technology
CTE Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion
CS(P) Chip Scale (Packages)
CPW Coplanar Waveguide
COF Chip On Flex
COB Chip On Board
BGA Ball Grid Array
AMI Advanced Multilayer Interconnect
Advanced Ceramics Facility


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